Identity Check!

Born in the 1900s, Claire is a millennial; a part of the so-called Generation Y.
And just like most people her age, she blogs to express her thoughts. This generation, after all, maximizes freedom of speech.

Right after college, she ventured into the world of publishing and landed on a job as an editorial assistant for a small publication that caters to families and the fashion industry.

The short stint in the magazine industry was followed by a three-year struggling but fulfilling career as a business reporter — covering the very technical energy sector; and occasionally other corporate and economic beats.

Just recently, she took a big leap of faith and crossed over to what has been perceived as the “dark side.” This new career in the corporate world — a loophole (read: new beginning) in her life — came sooner than expected but she welcomed it with open arms. She’s currently working in the power industry and trying to get a deeper understanding about this complicated industry.

When not at work, Claire tries new things and travels to new places. She believes that the great outdoors keep her sane and she loves the feelings of excitement and anticipation. She loves the greens and the blues; the sunrise and the sunset; the relaxing and adventurous roads.

She also recently discovered her love for boardgames and would spend hours inside cafes playing against her friends. #FriendlyCompetition

She is one of the authors of Being Millennials, a blog she and her friends created to serve as an outlet of their adventures and misadventures.


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think. :)

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