A Weekend Way Up North

At that state of silence, I could hear even the faintest sound of the falling leaves.

It was a hot afternoon, but the heat wasn’t as scorching as it was in the metro. Winds blow every now and then. I was on a hammock, enjoying a peaceful afternoon. After my phone battery died, I was left with nothing but the sound of nature. And it didn’t disappoint.

My aunt came over and occupied the hammock next to mine. She was telling me how Ate Badet, one of the caretakers, felt bothered that her guests don’t seem to enjoy the place. There were a lot of things to do, there’s no doubt to that but the absence of phone signal and wifi connections; television sets and karaoke machines; and the absence of lively beach crowd might turn off visitors, she feared.

Not me, apparently.

After a 12-hour bus ride from Metro Manila, we finally found ourselves along the streets of Barangay Pancian in Pagudpud – a beach town in Ilocos Norte at the northern portion of the Philippines.

We had a hearty breakfast before we were escorted to our rooms. We quickly showered and changed into beach wear before we took a short trek to a nearby mountain spring.

“What do you call this spring, Kuya,” may aunt asked, probably for future reference. I was thinking of asking the same so that I could tag the proper location in my future Instagram post.

“It doesn’t have a name,” he said.

A few minutes of walking surprised us with hues of greens and blues; of cows and carabaos and goats around what seemed like a huge farm. When we reached the “resting place,” I turned around and saw a beautiful view of the sea and the mountains; of endless grasslands and trees. After a few more minutes of walking, I could hear water flowing from somewhere. The sweltering heat made me a lot more excited to take a dip at that mountain spring so when we arrived,  I braved the rocks and went to the water without even thinking. It turned out to be icy cold, and I loved every  minute I was there.

Check out the photos from my quick weekend in Pagudpud here 🙂



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