Away for the Weekend

It wasn’t so long ago when I felt so bored with life. I felt the need to spice it up, to change it, to make it better.

And then I discovered the great outdoors. I never thought that this would become a lifeline for me — that it would be the ultimate outlet when I just needed a break when everything keeps on spinning so fast that I could no longer keep up.

The great outdoors — its surprises, challenges and adventures that give me the adrenaline rush — keep me sane. They somehow shield me, albeit just for a little while, from life’s curve balls that sometimes make me crumble.

The great outdoors give me a brief moment of freedom from my worries and every single time, a renewed sense of optimism. They give me time to think and reflect and help me make better choices. They make me feel excited about life and the wonderful experiences that it has offer.

So when a long weekend presented itself, there’s no way but out — out there, somewhere. Since I’m trying my best to save up for an upcoming trip and concert, I could only spend a few bucks for a decent getaway. Luckily, I chanced upon this link in a comments section of an unpopular blog, recommending a cheap island trip in a province not far from Metro Manila.

The Mainstays, unfortunately, were booked for the weekend so I ended up asking three other college friends to join me. In the end, only one carefree soul was able to give her committed “yes.”

And it didn’t stop me because I miss the outdoors so bad I just wanted to go launch myself to wherever place my feet could take me if only it would give me that freedom from my daily routine.

The weekend didn’t disappoint; neither did my friend.

I booked an island getaway in Bataan for two via text message. We were part of the batch with 20 participants clustered into five groups. I wasn’t the sociable kind of person but I didn’t mind.

Despite the gloomy weather, the trip wasn’t less good. The island offers serenity, a lot of activities, fine white sand, pristine waters, and unlimited good food. (Continue reading in this link.)

NOTE: This article was originally posted by the author at Being Millenials


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