Labyu, Elyu!

When #TheMainstays realized that we have another three-day hiatus before Christmas, we decided to go up north — to La Union.

The best part of having these friends around is that we get to try new things together, and appreciate them together. Even though our personalities are different; our career paths, diverse; somehow, our minds and hearts collide.

The afternoon we arrived, we decided to stroll along the beach; and check out the surfing spots. Such a beauty, the waves were wild. We had some really cheap halo-halo and isaw and then we went back just in time for the UAAP Finals Game 2 (UST vs FEU).

We were going to support UST but we fell asleep. All four of us. We even missed the sunset. So we ended up having our dinner at the nearby Mediterranean restaurant, which served really good kebabs. #Takaw

After dinner, we had our beer fix, laid down along the shore, stared at the stars and talked about our weird thoughts. A group of guys approached us to join them. They were having a bonfire, and hotdogs and more beers. But we were suplada like that. We were just happy to be with each other on that one fine night.

Woke up early the next morning just to enjoy the beach. As early a 8AM, the waves looked like they were enjoying themselves. The sound of the waves was so calming and refreshing.

After breakfast, we prepared for our main itinerary for the day: trekking and cliff jumping. We also visited the nearby falls and ate cheap popsicles. 🙂


Since The Mainstays love trekking, this wasn’t a big problem for us. We enjoyed it, especially with such beautiful view to experience. #CrossingRivers #HiddenWonders

We were originally planning to surf that afternoon but we were so tired, we decided to indulge ourselves and eat Greek food. We went back to the nearby restaurant and since we haven’t had our lunch yet, we stayed there and savored the good food especially prepared for us.

Best gyros I’ve ever tasted + halva for dessert. It was just pita with chocolate spread but that chocolate was one of the bests, if not the best. The Greek guy who owns the restaurant even made Greek coffee for us. So nice, those people.

After that, we went back to the beach and watched the sun set. Obviously, we also made fun of Gel. Look! She’s such a hottie. Haha.

Had our coffee fix before heading to Flotsam for the night cap. Just a few drinks, chips and lots of stories — which mostly revolved around Franz, who wasn’t there to have fun with us.


The last day was spent learning how to surf. It was crazy and fun. I’d do it again soon. We were planning to have lunch at the Greek place again, but it won’t open until 12 so we ended up at Flotsam again.

It was a quick, fun trip. We created new memories and planned new adventures to make another set of memories.

So lucky to have friends like them. #TheMainstays #CoreGroup


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think. :)

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