Quickie Baguio trip with the best

If there’s one thing I’m extremely thankful for this year, it’s the gift of friendship.

This year is one crazy ride. It’s almost over but it still surprises me — both in good and bad ways.

And I wouldn’t have made it through without my amazing friends. Life isn’t always blissful. Most of the time, it’s messy. But I’m lucky, blessed even, to have a few people who are there when I am on cloud nine and when the chips are down.

Of course, one of them is my best friend.

There was this one Friday night when I felt extremely low. I was with Gel and another friend, Alex.

It was bad I wanted to cry but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. We drank wine, ate chocolates, watched a series but my heart was thumping so loud as if it wanted to leave my body. I slept early I didn’t even know how it happened. I just felt so bad.

That’s one of the crucial moments when I realized that everything can fall apart in an instant. Funny how people can be hypocrite about their feelings. I realized a lot of things, among them, that people don’t always mean what they say. It’s important not to get tricked and carried away easily, or at least pretend not to be. Some people are there to make you feel bad and intentionally hurt you.

While things had been bad, my friends kept on reminding me that tough times don’t last forever and I held on to it, holding on to that until this very minute. And I just felt overwhelmed having them around because that’s all I need — to soothe my feelings, to make me feel like I may lose people I care about but I’m not going to lose them because they care, because they are real, because they aren’t hypocrites.

Anyway, that moment was followed by a series of tough shits. It was bad because I wasn’t able to sleep the next few days; it was bad because when I attended the mass, I cried like a child.

And then Gel and I went to this trip.

It was a bit spontaneous. No planning took place. We were so lucky to even secure a room at the last minute and it felt good. It always feels good to be far away from things that hurt you.

The trip was such a relief, actually. I’ve been to Baguio a good couple of times already and we usually go to the same places but this trip pffered something else — a chance to feel good, a promise of a better tomorrow.

We arrived early in the morning and checked in at a hostel, which boasts of a beautiful view of the city. We started out the day late and immediately went out to buy tickets for our return trip.

The next stop was the BenCab Museum, where we started off by having brunch at Cafe Sabel.

I love this place. I can’t explain my love for museums. We were also lucky enough to spot Ben Cab himself while we were resting. He was too far though, we weren’t able to ask for a photo.

We went to Burnham Park, originally to try riding bikes. But we were ashamed we would fall so instead we just ate ice cream and headed to Camp John Hay.

We planned to visit the cemetery of negativity because Gel said I have to bury my feelings but it was under maintenance or renovation something.

We ended up walking through the History Trail and taking photos at the Secret Garden. Of course, since we’re already there, we went inside the Historic Bell House.

Next stop was supposed to be Choco-late de Batirol but we weren’t lucky with cabs. We ended up walking along that strip with fashion outlet stores. Window shopped, ate chicken balls and had our milkshake fix at Mile Hi. 🙂

Afterwards, we just walked and walked again until we got tired. I fell asleep on the grass, it was crazy. We had a quick dinner at Pizza Volante and then hailed a cab to the Christmas Village in Baguio Country Club.



At first glance, the Christmas Village was nothing spectacular. I even complained that it wasn’t well-lighted, they should’ve put more Christmas lights. What surprised me was the overwhelming feeling and the contagious laughter of the people there. Families, friends, parents, children and even grandparents had the time of their lives. Everyone was enjoying the faux snow! I couldn’t believe and couldn’t explain it but my disappointment at the simplicity of the display was overturned by the people there. It was amazing, I tell you.

After about two rounds of experiencing the faux snow, Gel and I decided to try our luck at Choco-late de Batirol. It was late at night and we had our chocolate drinks and champorado with tuyo. (Gel even taught me how to eat tuyo. Haha).

We were lucky enough to catch a cab that brought us back to our place. We It was really late but we stayed at the balcony and enjoyed the night view of the city.

The second day in Baguio was also the day we’re supposed to go back to Manila. We started by getting our pasalubong at the market and then headed to the Children’s Park, which we saw along the way.

We love parks and everything green. 🙂 After that, we had bounty lunch at 50’s Diner then went back to the hostel to check out. It’s still quite early to head to the terminal, so we went to the Hillstation for dessert, Mt. Cloud Bookshop and the nearby spa place for a gooooood massage. 🙂



The weekend was good and quick. It was also nice to be away from the metro every once in a while. We weren’t really spared from the traffic cause you know Baguio, but at least the place is different.

So lucky to have friends like Gel who are ready to take on random, spontaneous trips and enjoy cheap thrills like this.

Life may be filled with bullshits, but it isn’t entirely bad.



Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think. :)

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