2015 Summer Quickies

~Morong, Bataan
One April weekend, I think.

We were supposed to go out with the entire college ‘kada one weekend but conflict of schedules (and interests) got in the way. Aze and I decided to push through a quickie trip to a nearby province and visited one college friend based there.

The trip was not less fun. Issa and her boyfriend, Karlo, were very accommodating. We didn’t have any problem and just enjoyed the beach (and the food that they prepared for us).

My favorite part, as usual, was the beautiful sunset. Spent a few hours just staring at the beautiful sky. The second best part was stargazing and sleeping on the shore. It was peaceful. Just the bonfire, the sound of the waves, and the beautiful sky 🙂

~Nabas & Malay, Aklan

Another hot April day when we went to visit PetroEnergy’s wind farm in Aklan — the first phase of which is already undergoing commissioning, then. The wind farm’s site overlooks Boracay Island.

Of course, the side trip was Boracay. We barely made it for the sunset so we just decided to rest for a while and freshen up before going for the planned evening stroll and dinner/drinks.

Such a quick getaway but so glad Mads and I were able to meet a beatmate from the TV cluster — Mich. 🙂

Wasn’t really looking forward for this weekend because I was tired and sad, then. But of course, the mood lightened when I started hanging out with friends from work.

The weekend Baguio trip was meant for EJAP’s annual journalism workshop sponsored by San Miguel Corp. Didn’t realize then that it would be the last one I’ll be joining. 😉

~Nueva Ecija | Makati Shangri-La
First one’s a quick Labor Day weekend in Nueva Ecija, where we visited Momma’s friend — Father Mike. It was a short catch-up thing with Momma’s college friends and their respective families. Finally got to see some of the kids I met before. Everyone’s grown up now.

The other one was a weekend staycation in a Makati hotel, with beatmates technically. But spent most of the time sleeping and enjoying the pool (and eating). 😀

~Nasugbu, Batangas

Last BusinessWorld Outing.

Team Bilibid was actually looking forward for this outing because we’re quite sure that this would be the last time that we would ever be together in a company outing. Unfortunately, Daryll wasn’t able to join since he was still recovering from an accident during the outing. So we didn’t have any last outing. Hehe.

I love the beach but this one’s quite disappointing. Thank goodness for the beautiful sunset that we experienced. I was actually feeling terrible when it almost didn’t show up.

The night and the day after were filled with so much feels. Thank God for Team Bilibid.

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Putting these two photos too.

This one’s taken by one of the editors, Boojie, during a random KTV night. One feelings-filled afternoon, Team Bilibid decided to go out and sing. One of the many spontaneous nights brought by the sudden surge of work-related emotions. It was fun. There was never a dull moment with this bunch.


This one’s taken by one of our EAs, Kuya Marlon, during a video workshop in one of the better hotels at Resorts World Manila. We sported our favorite black motif but weren’t able to take a group photo. This was the closest I could get. Charlee, Mikha and Krista weren’t even in the picture.

This weekend, just like most work days, was filled with ~feels. The workshop was tiring. We spent the night inside Betti and Charlee’s rooms — talking about all kinds of feelings except work. Ended up getting them some refreshments as punishment for talking about work when we agreed not to.

The weekend was turning sour (work issues) but Daryll’s last-minute invite to watch Pitch Perfect 2 was a great save. The weekend, despite all the ~feels, ended well. Thanks to Fat Amy. 😀


~Ormoc, Leyte
A quick trip to Leyte that was meant for work. Went there for a CSR event of the Lopez Group. The skyline was beautiful but parts of the province were still recovering from the damage caused by super typhoon Yolanda in 2013.

Technically a midweek vacation in Cebu, mostly spent inside Movenpick Hotel.


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