PHOTODUMP: The Batulao Adventure

The past few weeks leading to this adventure had been blur. Things happened so fast, I wasn’t able to catch up gracefully.

I didn’t know how the tough times started and how they ended but I found myself at my lowest state one day in June — dealing with tons of issues at home and at work. I decided to stay away from people, afraid to show them how fragile I was. I was breaking down.

I dropped hints to certain people, hoping somehow that would explain the sudden urge to distance myself. There were isolated moments when I’d curl up in the corner and just cry.

And then one day I realized I couldn’t carry the burden anymore and I had to tell my most trusted friend in the world. I needed someone to listen. I needed a shoulder to cry on.

When I told my best friend about things that had been happening, she invited me to go hiking. Since I wasn’t really built for physical activities, I was filled with hesitations but after my best friend told me how her recent adventures uplifted her spirt, I decided to give it a try.

It was my first time and weeks leading to the climb filled me with so much excitement and fear.

The climb was harder and a lot more rewarding than expected. It shaved off a big portion of my worries. My parents weren’t even convinced I could do it. I wasn’t either but I needed that much needed kick to keep going with my life.

My friends said “the mountains change you,” and I have to agree. I felt like I could still go on, that better things were on their way. It was the best day I had in weeks.

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  1. alexisherr says:

    Great pictures! Its amazing what a beautiful hike can do for the soul. I’m very glad you gave it a try and succeeded!

  2. That’s the reason why many songs are about “climbing” to the top. The mountains, or any steep slope, for that matter, is a challenge that everyone encounters and overcomes. 😀

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