Such Joy :)

I got disappointed about two weeks ago.

I was talking to a friend inside one of my favorite coffee shops when I saw this post from Debbie, a friend, who now lives in Qatar. She was announcing a sudden comeback to the Philippines and I was so excited that I cried. I missed her so much since I haven’t seen her since our college graduation three years ago. Since she was a big part of my college life, I still feel the longing for someone so familiar [and so loud] whenever I go out with my block mates.

Since the excitement was superb, I texted my best friend and told her about the Facebook post and she shared the same excitement. When I told the friend I was with that night about the post — with of course, background on how long Debbie has been gone — she told me that it could be some lame April Fool’s joke. After all, it was April 1st. And of course, I was gullible.

Sadly, she was right. It was a joke. I even messaged Debbie and asked her about the post. I was kind of disappointed, I didn’t respond anymore.

Fast forward to this day.

It’s been a while since the last time I went out with some people from our class. But about a week ago, one of our block mates — Baban — asked to meet us because of a very important “good news.”

Since it took a while to plan this get together, the anticipation was almost killing us — making us guess about this big announcement. All the kinds of assumptions floated and the guessing game went on until the much awaited gathering.

I wouldn’t miss this. Even though I was running late because I had to go back and forth my place after I left (and almost lost) my wallet. I realized I couldn’t skip this dinner.

When I reached the restaurant, there were already a few people who were still very much into the guessing game. When Baban arrived, we were bugging her non-stop about the announcement.

Until… until… this familiar girl entered the restaurant — and things went on slow-mo — like we were in some weird setting and it was all cinematic. I couldn’t help it. I just cried. We were all shouting “Oh My God” because I swear, it was surreal. Everything was surreal. The disappointment, the anticipation for a different kind of announcement, the surprise arrival of Debbie.

People inside the restaurant were looking at us and we couldn’t care less. We were shouting, hugging, talking, smiling, laughing. It was weird but it was definitely happy.

My heart wanted to get off my chest. I was so nervously happy and amazed. It’s probably one of the best days I’ve had in months. I couldn’t believe it. She’s back. She came home, finally.

While still absorbing the big surprise, I realized that it’s possible to feel such bliss simply by seeing someone I really value — someone who has been there with me and my friends during the times when we were still crazy college kids who think school and friends equate to a beautiful life.

I just had to hug her, slightly curse her for making me cry, and thank her for such a wonderful surprise that erased all the worries, pains, uncertainties and self doubt that I’ve been nursing for quite some time now.

I always thought that I have more feelings than what my heart could possibly hold but I never once thought I’d feel a this temporary bliss sooner. And it occupied a big part of my heart today.

Thank you, Debbie. Welcome home. 🙂 You made us really happy.


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