Because… Beach.

The moment we got a foretaste of how bad it was to stay near the coastal area when there’s a typhoon, I almost swore to myself I’d never go to the beach again when there’s a threat of a storm.

I have seen how typhoons could be destructive, with most recent one just two months ago. The wind was scary shit but the rain had less intensity as expected, thank God. The aftermath, however, was worse. Trees fell down and it was almost chaos everywhere near the place where I stay. Restaurants and fast foods, if not closed, had limited supplies. The roads were dark since electricity posts were down for days. Some days almost went off-the-grid for weeks.

I was scared when the wind blew so hard and rain poured relentlessly last Saturday night. I was lying down on a mattress. One of my friends was sleeping soundly, while the other was watching television. We were bothered by the noise outside and checked it out. It was dark but really scary. I thought we were about to get stranded.

By the way, we were in resort in Batangas.

I couldn’t hold the thought of skipping beach trips. I am on a weird longing for waters. I go to resorts (pools and beaches alike) every month since April. I guess I somehow got addicted to it.

Last weekend was Franz’s celebration. He’s our best gay friend. One of our trio. We planned the beach trip some weeks ago — virtually at first. And then when we met to watch a play and go on a food trip, we worked on the plan. We decided to devour white sand in Laiya. But that weekend, the weather was so uncooperative. We could have cancelled it instead, but it felt like only waters can soothe our souls. We opted for a nearer resort, still in Batangas, but just two rides away. Good bye white sand dreams, hello black sand experience.

It was a cheap trip! We saved a lot because we cooked our own food and packed our meals. We also did some kitchen experimenting. We aren’t the kind that work on meals because… I don’t know.

On Friday night, we caught the grocery before it closed and did the quick grocery shopping. We grabbed pasta because it was Franz’s birthday after all. What’s a birthday without spaghetti? We didn’t even know how to make spaghetti sauce. We just grabbed a pack and then off we went.

First stop was our residence in Cavite, where we had dinner and debated whether we should cook the spaghetti that night or the following morning. We didn’t even know how to cook so we googled the steps. It was so funny because we lacked bell pepper and ground beef! We ended up substituting the beef with a canned corned beef and skipping the bell pepper altogether.

The sauce ended well. It was good actually. It was funny that it actually tasted good. Not the best but certainly “pasado.”

It was still raining hard the morning after. That was the time we decided to move our booking to another resort. We tried to contact a number, but only two responded. We settled for the one that has quite an impressive accommodation (for a cheap rate) and swimming pools.

After that, we continued the kitchen experiment. We boiled the pasta; worked on our omelettes; cooked hotdogs, lumping shanghai, rice and bangus. It was fun. Probably also because it was our first time to do kitchen stuff together.

We ended up eating the spaghetti for lunch! I don’t know why. HAHA. After lunch, off we went to Batangas. It was a long bus ride. We alighted at the wrong place, but the bus driver was kind enough to call us back and told us that our destination was still far far away.

We arrived at the resort and again, the accommodation’s nice. We explored the beach with fine black sand and had fun by the poolside. The place was nice. Wish the weather’s better though. We were looking forward for the sunset and sunrise that never came.

Anyway. The trip was good. I really would like to do another again.


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think. :)

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