As I search for things to do to make my life a little more exciting, I started going out a lot. I am an outgoing person. I think that’s given but for the past few months, I have been thinking about trying something new or going to some place I’ve never been before at least once a month.

I think I somehow succeeded. I’ve been to places — beaches mostly — every month (Bicol, Palawan, Bataan, to name a few). I don’t regret it. I actually like it and I feel like my weekends are made for trips. Setting aside the extravagance of the trips, I also have little adventures in between that make my day off worthwhile. 

A week ago, I went for a spontaneous night out with my friends’ friends. They — all five of them — graduated from the same school in college. You could only imagine how lost I could be. But it felt weird that I didn’t feel any awkwardness at all. I don’t know. Maybe because of their vibes? Their high spirits? Their welcoming presence? At first, I couldn’t even believe that I’d enjoy spending the wee hours of the morning with a few people I haven’t tried hanging out before — on regular hours. We even went to Tagaytay… at midnight. Haha. Credits go to my friends — Mads and Krista, because well. They always make me feel at ease.


I was still groggy from that spontaneous trip but since I had a commitment to attend another gathering the following Saturday, I was forced to get up at lunch time and get ready for a weekend with former schoolmates. It was some sort of a general assembly/seminar for journalism students from my Alma Mater. But it was also intended as a tribute for a former professor, Alice Colet-Villadolid, who finally retired from teaching. It’s always good to see people, and most of the faces are familiar to me because I bump into them in my daily grind as a struggling business reporter.

I like going back to UST because it reminds me of the easy breezy days, and happy moments with friends. My best friend and I went for street food because we’ve been craving for that for so long. Of course we got our fruit shake fix from Lovelite. We walked around the campus and imagined going back. I realized how much I’d love to hang out at the school library and lover’s lane again. UST will always be our second home.


The weekend was well-spent. Ended it with a taste of Persian food in Behrouz. It wasn’t so presentable, but the meat was so good I couldn’t say no (so I consumed a whole plate!). Afterwards, I was back to the work week which starts Sunday and just enjoyed some lax hours with my favourite people in BWorld — Team Bilibid. We didn’t realize that time flew so fast, we left quite later than usual and had our dinner (and milkshakes) in one restaurant along Tomas Morato. 

I was always looking forward for weekends, even though there were really really fun nights. The week following this was actually good. Went out with some friends from work to watch Rurouni Kenshin on Monday, a holiday. The movie was so great! I couldn’t wait for the next installment). Tuesday was a little stressful but I met with some friends for dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Makati City and drove all the way to Quezon City to hang out at one of our favourite coffee shops: Afters Espresso & Desserts

Thursday was a little lax, as I went home early to do errands and catch some sleep. But Friday — which was payday — was allotted for retail therapy. I couldn’t remember the last time I spent so much for shopping but it was worth it. It was able to shoo away all the stress, plus it was good to have done it with a friend from work — who talked me into buying two pairs of shoes! 

I didn’t go home to Cavite for the weekend because of another day out with friends — this time with the ones from college. It was a good weekend, again. Seems like my weekends are turning out to be really good. We watched a really good play, walked and talked around UP campus, and went on for our food trip along Maginhawa street.

It was great. Tried this artsy pizza place called Leona and then met up with our thesis mate, Essen. We were supposed to spend the rest of the night inside Cool Beans Cafe, but it was packed. We decided to look for another place and decided to go to a restaurant called “Van Gogh is Bipolar.” The place was packed, but I’d love to return there. It was different and I like the place. We ended up at the restaurant beside it, Blacksoup Cafe Artspace. After that, we were about to cap the night inside Antiteasis: Books & Brews. Unfortunately, we were about to plan a weekend getaway and the place would only tolerate indoor voices. So off we went to try our luck again at Cool Beans. Alas, seats! After a couple of minutes, we finally got the couches beside the bookshelf. There we talked and planned about our next beach trip — two weeks from now. It was good. Really good.

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It won’t be long before another fun weekend. This upcoming one will be spent with family for a two-day celebration: cousin’s 18th and mom’s 50th. The week after that, we’re off to a Tagaytay-Batangas trip to celebrate Franz’s 22nd. And then another is lined up for the 20th: Tagaytay weekend with work friends. Ahh! Looking forward!!



Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think. :)

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