Ten Things That Crossed My Mind

… while feeling lazy at work.

1. Palawan
My best friend is planning to spend her birthday in Palawan and she wants to tag me along. So I am really looking forward.

2. Mental Block
I was talking with a friend yesterday about problems and feelings and he told me that mental blocks work because people, like us, use them to protect ourselves anyway.

3.Temporary Sanity
And we agreed that temporary sanity is just what I need at the moment. Pretending that everything’s okay works because it keeps me sane. “You’ll face it sooner or later. Everything at the right time,” he said.

4. J’s Birthday
Because tomorrow is independence day and I have some sort of internal battle if I should greet him. Never forgot (intentionally/unintentionally) to greet him ever since we met.

I couldn’t decide what to buy in the convenience store so I decided to get a coffee instead. Safest.

For a while, I got consumed by music I never heard before. I liked it.

Because a friend will be making mojitos for us tonight. Looking forward!

8.My Daddy Boss
Because I just miss his orders and his musings. I miss working under him, I guess.

9. Copper
I was thinking of an official’s nickname but couldn’t seem to remember it. It was weird but I need it for peace of mind. So I asked a friend who first told me about it. Glad he remembers it.

10. Weather
Because it’s weird. I don’t know.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Mads says:

    Im sad you didnt think about me. #clingy.

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