Life has a funny way of reminding you of the past. It gives you random snapshots of how it was before through unexpected day-to-day encounters. It throws flashbacks that make you think and feel the things you’d rather keep in the backseat. It tempts you to open the emotional television that was kept in the attic since the day you decided to move on.

For my first attempt at blogging this month (or this year), I ended up writing stuff about a movie I recently watched. I’m not a huge fan of local romance movies because I sometimes find them too shallow or too unrealistic that give me false hopes. But I have to admit that watching those kinds of movies makes me feel relaxed — at least something else to focus on besides work.

One of the reasons why I enjoy reading books is that I get to involve myself in the story. I observe how a story unfolds as I leaf through the pages without anyone narrating it for me or giving his or her own opinions. I get to judge with my own set of sensibilities. Of course, I discuss contents of a book after I read it, but not during. Precisely why I was irked when the two people sitting behind us in the movie house last week kept on commenting and narrating what was happening in the movie that we were watching. I was there, so I know! I want to tell them, to shut up, honestly.

So anyway. Together with friends, I watched this romantic-comedy film intended for Valentine’s day. And it was funny, and tear-jerking at some points. But it was not heavy drama and I didn’t cry but there were some nice scenes to recall and points to ponder. I agreed when a friend of mine said the movie, Starting Over Again, somehow had the similar feels as Celeste and Jesse Forever — which I really liked. ‘Cept that the latter had some nakakakilig and somewhat happy ending, which is typical in a local film. I had a better versions in mind on how it should turn out. Haha. At least, based on my taste.

I liked this article on the film. I agree. I just kept on nodding while reading:

Need I say more?

I believe that it is really hard to let go and believe on second, third, or infinite number of chances. But eventually, you will stop doing so. You will stop holding on to that string that attaches you to the other end. You will stop trying to bring back the past and try to make things work. You will stop hoping and praying for someone you once had to come back.

It will take time. A significant amount of time you’d rather spend doing things that make you happy. There will be a lot of emotional investment– trying to heal, trying to forget, trying to avoid all the things and events that’d remind you of the past that’s pulling you back. It will be hard, it will take time, but it will and it will be worth it. At the end of the day, you just have to be strong for yourself and stand on your own, because people change, and feelings too. There are things that last forever, but whatever those are, nobody knows for sure.

But I still believe to be able to do all these things, we all need an explanation, an acceptable reason, and most importantly, a closure.


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think. :)

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