Gee :)

I was so busy enveloping myself with negative thoughts and feelings the past couple of months that I only get to appreciate that days are a little better now after I had coffee with friends a few hours ago.

Just for the record, I feel fine. I mean, the past few months had been a long drive along a rough path but somehow, I reached the better part of the road and while I acknowledge that there will be more bumpy adventures ahead, I think I’m glad that somehow — even just for a little while — I feel fine.

I’m the type who buries myself with problems. Deal with it.

I had a lengthy chat with two of my favorite friends at work and I was just so glad. I couldn’t explain it. I am always the chatty one because I don’t have much people to talk to whenever I get home at a pseudo-house and I feel like I just have to spill the beans, otherwise, I’d be crazy. I couldn’t contain feelings for a long time.

So I decided to write this down to remind me in the coming days that I am actually fine, a little better than before. This + more talks with friends + more coffee will get me through the next few weeks before I finally get to enjoy my initial four-day vacation leave — the first I will have in my one year and three months in the job where I work even on Sundays! No hard feelings there. Haha.


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think. :)

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