One Year

I’m going to do this alphabet thing just for the sake of categorizing and organizing my feelings for this post. This is supposed to be an anniversary entry, but since I couldn’t promise to get my hands on the keys tomorrow (‘cos I’d be probably exhausted because of several coverages), I’m doing it today while waiting for the bosses to finish editing my stories.

So, on Tuesday, I’ll be celebrating my first year in this job. And I would just like to write about stuff that I’m thankful for, because without them, I wouldn’t last this long.

A – Anniversary
First on the list is the reason why I am writing this blog post. Well, I am actually looking forward to my first year because I never expect to last this long, really. And still looking forward for more months… or another year. So this is a first for me. First anniversary on my first real job.

My Energy Family which includes my Sister Mads, Mommy Alens and Daddy Paul. :D
My Energy Family which includes my Sister Mads, Mommy Alens and Daddy Paul. 😀

B – Breakfasts
I am not a huge fan of waking up early and grabbing something to eat, but I do appreciate breakfast meals. By that I mean, eggs, hotdogs, pancakes, bacon, hot chocolate or coffee. Honestly. It may sound weird but I can eat breakfast staples all day.

And I’m specially thankful for breakfast cause I found a set of friends who would eat breakfast with me whenever there’s time. So yeah, cheers to the breakfast club!

The Breakfast Club! :D
The Breakfast Club! 😀

C – Coffee
This is one thing I couldn’t live without. I love coffee itself; the talks that go with coffee; coffee dates; coffee shops; coffee beans; the smell of coffee… I don’t know. Just everything about coffee. I’m not a coffee connoisseur or anything, but I just love the simplicity of being able to drink coffee — regardless of what you can afford, regardless of what conversations you can handle.

Foundation Day of Coffee Club @ CBTL, Ortigas :) With Jerome, Ms Alens, Paul and Mads. :D
Foundation Day of Coffee Club @ CBTL, Ortigas 🙂 With Jerome, Ms Alens, Paul and Mads. 😀

D – Diversion
Without this super busy, stressful and exhausting work, I wouldn’t be able to divert my attention away from things… and feelings that I shouldn’t dwell on. The job gives me the perfect excuse not to think about my feelings; to ditch a night-out; to turn down a date; to just stay still and don’t move.

Energy Beat, EJAP Sportsfest :D
Energy Beat, EJAP Sportsfest 😀

E – Energy
Energy to do stuff, thanks for that. But I’m extra thankful for Energy as my beat, as my first beat, and as my first love in this industry. Lol. But really, without all the nice people in this beat — workmates, sources, colleagues, random peeps na mahilig makisawsaw sa issue — I wouldn’t enjoy my job. I’ve said this maybe one too many times before but Energy is not just a beat… It’s a crisis… Heh. :p It’s actually a good beat to start and end. 🙂

Dinner @ Sambo Kojin
Energetic Dinner @ Sambo Kojin

F – Friends/Family
Forgive me for using the slash thing, but yeah. Its but proper to thank my family and friends who listen to my rants even though they don’t frickin’ understand a single technical thing I say. They listen anyway. So its like a support system that you can tap anytime so that I wouldn’t explode.

Dinner with Friends. :D
Biglaang Dinner with College Friends. 😀
Tagaytay Weekend with Mads. :)
Tagaytay Weekend with Mads and the fam 🙂

G – God
Need I say more? 🙂

B'cos I don't have a photo of God. :D
B’cos I don’t have a photo of God. 😀

H – Hotels
Especially those with free WiFi and accessible outlets. Since most of my events happen in hotels, I’m grateful for their existence because that’s comfort amid stress. I’m specially thankful for hotels with accommodating personnel (cute ones count as a bonus) as well as complete facilities and scrumptious food.

Bonding at InterContinental with SUWECO Peeps. :)
Bonding at InterContinental with SUWECO Peeps. 🙂

I – Internet
How are you going to survive in this world without this? The Internet is heaven-sent. It’s like a must in everyday life. Through the Internet, I learn more about the stories I write about. Sometimes not very reliable, but still informative and will challenge my research skills. So yeah. Thanks dear Internet.

J – Jollibee
I love Jollibee. The fast-food chain keeps me going before and after work. Spaghetti and Chicken Joy; Yum with Cheese… even their coke tastes different to me.

K – Kisses
I meant chocolates, because they are stress relievers.

Parties are also stress relievers!! -- Lenie's 3-in-1 party @ Antel with Media Friends. :)
Parties are also stress relievers!! — Lenie’s 3-in-1 party @ Antel with Media Friends. 🙂

L – Love
I still believe in the power of love… divine love, platonic love. Romantic love may not manifest a lot, but there are a lot of lovely things and those are enough.

Love of pets? :D
Love of pets? 😀

M – Mentors
Because they have different purposes in my life. One mentor pushes me to do my best; the other supports me in whatever I do. At times, they give advices… which eventually get stuck in my mind. But just the thought that they are there makes me comfortable because there’s someone who will correct me and will not tolerate my laziness. So this is some sort of disciple schnitz.

One of the mentors! :D
One of the mentors! 😀

N – Nachos
Who doesn’t like good junk food? 🙂

Random Drinking Night at Weed, Best Nachos Ever, with Krista, Miguel, Franz.
Random Drinking Night at Weed, Best Nachos Ever, with Krista, Miguel, Franz.

O – Officials
Especially those who call me by name, and those who answer calls. Those who are always willing to explain a concept or two, those who are not very shielded by their surnames. Those that are accessible. Those who are classy enough 😉

The Beat with Henry T. Sy, Jr. a.k.a. Big Boy.
The Beat with Henry T. Sy, Jr. a.k.a. Big Boy.

P – People
All kinds of people I encounter every day. The guards that say good morning/good night/ingat (take care); the office mate that I don’t even know the name but always pay for my fare en route to Cubao; the guy who gives up his seat for an elderly woman; the people who share their ride; people, everyone.

Birthday Celebration -- Videoke Night with Petron Peeps
Birthday Celebration — Videoke Night with Petron Peeps
Weekend Bonding with PSE Reporters and Vista Land Peeps at Tagaytay.
Weekend Bonding with PSE Reporters and Vista Land Peeps at Tagaytay.

Q – Questions
These make us brighter right? So ask questions. I don’t survive a day without asking questions, and I think this is a good practice.

R – Raindrops
It’s like a wake up call, when you are walking all alone at night and recalling how you have been. I don’t mean storm or typhoon. Just a little rain is fine.

S – Shopping
Because shopping makes me happy. Period.

Dinner with shopping addicts! :D
Dinner with shopping addicts! 😀

T – Time
I always say I treasure the moments in between work, that’s why I’m thankful for time… no matter how little is left for me to spend it the way I wanted to.

Sir Astro's Birthday Bash.
Sir Astro’s Birthday Bash.


U – Understanding
Of course, I will be forever thankful with the understanding of people around me and I mean all of them. For their understanding of all the shit that I am. I am not misunderstood in whatever way, and not rebellious because I’m misunderstood.

Krista's Painom @ Today x Future
Krista’s Painom @ Today x Future


V – Videoke
This makes me happy because I get to pour my heart’s content. + I love videoke nights with friends because, who doesn’t? This is the only concert of people like me who don’t have much of a golden voice 🙂

Ms. Amy's Despedida, Myrna's Birthday @ Redbox :D
Ms. Amy’s Despedida, Myrna’s Birthday @ Redbox 😀

W – Whatsapp
Another support system. My colleagues and I talk about everything under the sun in our Whatsapp group. — Rants, gossips, feelings. It’s always nice to have someone to talk to at the beginning, middle and end of the day to spill your thought. And just like what I had said, this is like a real support system. Thanks to content sharing features and emojis!

Ate Mimi's Last Day @ BWorld.
Ate Mimi’s Last Day @ BWorld.



X – X Chromosome
Because I have double XX, and I never wanted to be XY because I don’t want to be heartless. Haha. Kidding aside.

Y – Yesterday
I will always be forever thankful for all those yesterdays that made me strong. 🙂

Intax Photos @ Fujifilm's Event in Laguna
Intax Photos @ Fujifilm’s Event in Laguna
Pagbilaoooo Trip. :)
Pagbilaoooo Trip. 🙂

Z – Zeal
Passion. I’m at a loss for words. I’m thankful for this drive to continue doing what I am actually doing even though I’m getting tired of it. So yeah, it’s always nice to have this enthusiasm and the drive to do what I am supposed to do not just because I have to but also because I want to.

First EJAP Christmas Party as part of the Energy beat.
First EJAP Christmas Party as part of the Energy beat.
Sir Ipe's Despedida Dinner.
Sir Ipe’s Despedida Dinner.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think. :)

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