C and J Forever

This may be a little late but I will write about it anyway.
The day I was supposed to blog about this passed by smoothly and nobody noticed.

Uncertain. You and I are so uncertain, so fuckin’ impossible to predict.
The take-off point for this post is nothing.
I wouldn’t deny it. It was nice. Even though I didn’t realize earlier that it will eventually end up this way. I couldn’t promise that I wouldn’t expect anything or assume because somehow, I believe, that’s part of human nature.
So before this beautiful thing ends, I’d like to thank you for all those mushy stuff.

Last year's August 16th photo. Yeah.
Last year’s August 16th photo. Yeah.

I watched Celeste and Jesse Forever yesterday afternoon in a bid to release my emotional frustrations. For once, I was successful. Not an excellent movie, but just perfect to make me feel “feelings.”

Except for the situation of the couple in the movie, I actually find several bits of myself throughout the film.

Oh, and I actually laughed when I realized that Jesse called Celeste “C”, and Skillz referred to Jesse as “J”. The connections are just way too funny.

So anyway, I feel Celeste. I feel the need to somehow change people, not only for my benefit, but for the good of that person as well. It’s never wrong to be right, obviously but somehow we risk losing people just because we want to emphasize that we are right, so in the end, we end up right but unhappy. So how do we reconcile this? I don’t know. I’m clueless.

I liked that scene when Celeste is dating this guy, Max, and she spotted Jesse in the same place. She obviously tried to escape that scene, as if she couldn’t risk being caught dating some other guy. I feel her. Why is the world so small? So cramped? Why do we end up bumping into people in places and situations when we would rather not see them. I get it. At some point, we have to show off the ones we are actually dating, but I believe it takes time… a long time, before you actually could introduce the new one to your friends.

One of my favorite characters in the movie (well, I like all of them. Actually. It’s weird, but I do. Even Riley.) is Yoga Guy — Paul. I just couldn’t wait for that moment when I finally get to know my “Yoga Guy”. His appeal to me? It’s as if he’s just there at the right moment, at the right time. I love that part when he brought Celeste to this party of some sort and the woman obviously enjoyed it. “Surprise me!” Also, after this costume thingy, they went for “further” drinks and I just love how Paul and Celeste laughed there… looks very nice.

On exes being best friends? Well, let’s just say I’m one of those who believe that they could because I am. But what changed from what I used to believe into was that, they could be friends, platonic relationship after breakups do happen but there will still be that little hole that represents that past and that fucking past will haunt you both all through your lives. You can handle that well but it’s still there. There’s no denying it.

Happy 8th Ex-mas, by the way. Greeting intended last Friday.


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