Random Thoughts on a Friday Afternoon

Random Thoughts || April 5th

1. Zac Efron is super hot… I couldn’t even… I’m obsessed with this guy. Hell, I would love to kiss and hug him for real. Soon.

2. Balancing competition and camaraderie is hard, but I guess I’m doing quite well on this. My stories, most of the time, have “value-added” info.

3. I sometimes miss the glam of working for a magazine – the slight pressure, the beautiful pieces, the spotlight.

4. I still believe in the power of newspapers, and I don’t want all those sheets to disappear soon.

5. Jollibee’s hot chocolate is too sweet for me. I still like Mcdonald’s, although my breakfast preference always goes to the former’s longganisa meal.

6. Its hard to chase sources on a Friday afternoon, specially since most of them are out of the office early…

7. But its harder to chase them on Sunday… so Friday afternoon is just fine.

8. I want to buy a new Samsung phone. I’m a user since college, and I just recently get rid of my Samsung phone because it’s already wearing out and so I settled for a free Nokia phone.

9. Nokia phone sucks. I don’t know that there are still instances when *some text [has gone] missing*. Seriously, in this age? Also, why the fuck do messages mix up?

10. I really have to work on my finances. Wasn’t able to save a cent or so for the past three months. What the hell is wrong with me?

11. I miss homemade food. While its nice to eat fancy stuff every now and then, I just couldn’t go food tripping every day. I want real home-cooked meal.

12. I miss breakfasts. I miss tender juicy hotdog and Nestle fresh milk.

13. On a usual week, I eat breakfast every Monday and Friday courtesy of my father. But boy, he brings Jollibee meal every single time. I wish he could have exerted more effort and try Mcdonald’s sometimes. But then, I don’t like their breakfast meals so I guess that’s fine.

14. I want to go swimming. I even shopped for swimwear yesterday. I don’t know why… as if I have leisure time to do so. Maybe I’ll steal a couple of hours from my rest day to go to a nearby resort… tomorrow, maybe?

15. I feel like I don’t have “romantic feelings” at all. I watched this rom-com the other night with two of my college friends because my officemates told me that the movie was a good emotional release. They cried, they said. So I watched the movie and ended up laughing so hard, getting sad at some parts, but I didn’t shed a single tear. Well I almost did, that part when the girl protagonist reconciled with her dad. But the tear didn’t even fall, so that doesn’t count as a tear shed. And I wonder why…

16. Maybe, I don’t have trust and forgiveness issues. Which brings me to another realization, I miss the feels of being in love or infatuated with someone..

17. And I don’t really openly admit it, but I want to get involved with someone. Not really a very committed one, but probably maybe something that would at least make me feel that I am capable of feeling “romantic feelings”.. I feel like I have a heart of stone. God.

18. I hate staying at the office on Friday afternoons. I want to break-free!!


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think. :)

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