New Old Job

A couple of months ago, I told myself that I should really get in touch with my inner blogger and write about my whereabouts and random thoughts more often than once-a-month. I wrote about a year ender and my little birthday shindig, but wasn’t able to write much about work. Oh, hooray. This is probably the right moment to spill something about what’s keeping me busy these days. Bear with me, I’m trying so very hard here.

Getting accepted in this job is one big surprise to me, and keeping it is another. Apparently, entering the busy industry is not part of the plan. While I had admitted that I was so eager to get into television reporting, the idea of settling on a more serious writing job never crossed my mind. And since life is obviously filled with surprises, here I am today — inside the newsroom, on a busy Sunday afternoon while all the “kids” (at least that’s how we keep calling ourselves) are working on their Sunday for Monday stories while enjoying the milk teas we just ordered from a far away Sharetea branch.

I decided to blog about today because it is my sixth month in the job and at first, I never thought I’d last until today without the thought of quitting. When I first set my feet on the field, I was so lost that I never entertained the fact that I will live the entirety of my youth in this industry. I was lost, literally opening my mouth in awe and amazement whenever someone in my beat talks about something I don’t know about. Well, anyway, I don’t know anything at first and I felt so incapable.

A few days in my actual field work surprised me with nervous days filled with the boss’ endless phone calls and sermons, new ideas and “news” to study and understand. I used to wake up at seven, and start looking for stories – when most of them come late in the morning and early in the afternoon. But I did anyway. Reading and studying and feeling stupid and incapable became a part of the routine that I unintentionally forget how to go out and have fun, and sometimes eat my meals. Somehow, I lost my social life, and myself.

I initially put myself on deadline – that I should at least last for six months. Minimum!! Minimum!! Every single week during my first two months in the job, quitting crossed my mind.

But along the way, I met several people who made coping up with the new job easier and helped me forget about the quota I had set for myself. I belong to a beat where competition is balanced with camaraderie. My beat-friends are always willing to lend a helping hand – explaining a mind boggling and incomprehensive account of events, sharing sources that I need or might need in the future, muttering encouraging words that push me to keep going. Probably one of the best parts of this job is meeting these amazing people and being part of this beat.

While we belong to different media outlets where being accurate and being the first seem to be everyone’s ultimate motive, the people in my beat know when to set aside work and camaraderie. Sometimes, they are too generous, but anyway, we all are at some points in our careers. I love the way we talk about other stuff apart from work. Its nice that we somehow formed a strong bond.

I always hear the “be cautious” tag because of the very competitive environment, but it is always nice to know that I could share a cup or two of coffee after a long day’s work with these people, talking about everything aside from work. Of course, there are “stress talks” every now and then, but what keep our conversations more meaningful are those stories that circle around personal life, history of the tight bonding within the beat, and industry secrets that we only hear from the old ones – and by old, I mean, those who are in the job for a long while.

I’m so glad to belong to that beat, that I’d be forever thankful that it was the first beat assigned to me. While I am ready to face new challenges that might come as I spend more months (and maybe years?) in this job, I am also secretly hoping that I’d stay in this beat for good — because of the friendship, mainly, but also because I want to be an expert in this field that I could answer whatever question gets thrown on me. But then again, how is that possible? Heh.

I’m specially thankful for this beat-friend who always joins me in random coffee moments at various CBTL branches where we share all our thoughts, and realization, and also personal lives. Its nice to know that there’s someone that you could call a real friend in the middle of this Ugh life.

Besides the beat, I’m also thankful for my workmates, and by that I mean the “kids” who belong to the same paper. Apparently, being within a particular age bracket helps because our thoughts somehow jive. Realizations and feelings are somehow easily understood. The “kids” of our paper are, like my beat-friends, always reliable and willing to lend a helping hand. And of course, it’s always good to know that some people are almost on the same boat as yours. Priceless moments are those meals shared with them and the WhatsApp shindig. I couldn’t help but forget the stress and pressure whenever these kids joke around.

The bosses are obviously sources of stress, but I take pride to the fact that they really know what’s best for the paper. Even though sometimes, they are just so hard to deal with, every day becomes a productive day because in this industry, every day is a new day, and a new learning. I won’t divulge on this but I’m glad they at least care about the paper’s reputation. (Accuracy, Marie! Accuracy!)

College friends are always there for me, of course! Because it’s almost just a year ago since we kissed college good bye so the ties are still tight, and the bonding is still there. In fact, I just went out with two of the best college friends last Wednesday night. I go out with them every week, to be honest. And why? Because I’m still attached to them that they are always the first ones that come to my mind whenever I think of hanging out somewhere to chill or to pour my heart’s content inside a KTV room.

I remember a colleague of mine (naks, colleague! He is actually a friend from another biz paper) one night asked me why I am still hooked to my college ties. I told him I just graduated, and it’s as if he shook me hard to make me realize that it’s been almost a year since. It’s true, but it feels like yesterday, you know. Its as if I couldn’t let go of this wonderful friendship I have with them that I will forever nurture it with love, care, and presence.

Anyway, they really are great that whenever I have something random to share about work, they are always ready to listen. Every single rant, realization, and random sentiment. I mean it.

So why am I blogging? Because I’m on my sixth month and I just added my job to my Facebook timeline. A friend commented, referring to it as a “new old job”. He probably is right.

As to whatever will be happening in my next few weeks and months at work, I’m not sure. But at this moment, all I could say is I think I’ll stay longer. Tomorrow, it’ll be a day longer than my initial quota. Hah.

Here’s to my new old job! Here’s to the people who are always there to make me feel better after long stressful days at work! Here’s to the new challenges that’ll come my way!

P.S. Got a free share tea today because its my sixth month, and the kids chose me as the recipient of the free drink! Cheers! šŸ™‚


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