So long, Multiply!

A couple of months ago, I logged in to my inactive multiply account and saw their closing memo. For those who don’t know yet, one of the most popular social networking sites way way back announced that they will be no longer providing social networking and content sharing services starting December. The site decided to shift to e-commerce, since the site became a market place over the years anyway. Here’s an excerpt of Stefan’s message:

As most of you are probably aware, Multiply’s mission has evolved over the past year and a half to become the biggest and most beloved e-commerce marketplace in two very exciting markets, Indonesia and the Philippines. As our focus has shifted, we have reviewed all of our operations, and made some decisions that will affect everyone here.
From December 1st, we will unfortunately no longer be able to support Multiply in its current form – notably we will be removing the social networking and content sharing part of Multiply (photos, videos, blogs, social messaging, etc.). We have decided to discontinue providing and hosting these services, as we have concluded that other Internet sites who are committed to social networking services will do a better job serving you than we can… I suspect that many of you will not like this news, and am sorry to have to deliver it now. I hope that you will be able to understand the reasons for our decision and thank you for being a part of the Multiply community over the past eight years.

So last Sunday, I opened my multiply account to do some backtracking and to save photos that are worth-preserving. While looking back and refreshing my memory, I laughed at those things that once made me cry so hard. It’s so embarrassing and amusing at the same time. I was so open back then, confessing stuff and all. So, here are ten things that I discovered about myself:

1. I was in love. It’s so evident, in most photos, and in most blog posts. It was so funny that my romantic adventure was exposed there, supported by photos of course. Ahh! The pains and joys of being in love.

2. I abused Picnik. I overdid amateur photo editing by maximizing the defunct photo editing site. Most of my photos there were embellished playfully using icons, clip arts, colors, and fonts. And they do not look a single bit better.

3. I was so sentimental. I was like someone who took photos of things given to me, saved messages sent to me, wrote memories spent with me with close people.

4. I was am talkative. I used to detail important happenings connected to my friends, lovers, and family. Aha! Aha!

5. I considered myself a brat. I did not even realize that I admitted that in the first place.

6. Multiply was my secrets’ haven. The stuff that I couldn’t post in my blogspot, Facebook, and twitter accounts – I posted there.

7. I was STUPID in love. (Note the difference with the first item) Who isn’t anyway? We all fall to the prey of love to the extent of being stupid at one point or another.

8. I was not anybody’s fan. I was really not into celebrities and popular personalities. I did not spot a single post, or photo, or note that talks about someone out of my league. Unlike before, I was a serious fan of certain people right now (Zac Efron, for instance).

9. I was a magnet of heart breaks. 60% of posts were about heartbreaking moments, 30% about love, and 10% others. Distributed equally, huh.

10. I was vain. Every single girl in high school and college experiences this at certain phase of her life. Mine happened in the early years of college.

Oh, multiply. You made me happy. Thank you for coming into my life.

Now, here are some of my multiply photos. ☺

A huge fan of Picnik. Told ya!
I spent a lot of time with crushes. This photo is a proof.
My favorite “topic” in mutiply was fond of giving me three roses.
We were this close, before. As in very close. Hi, Robin/Old Friend!
Capsule-inspired Bobbie Nails. 🙂
HEAT! I used to love jerseys too! This one’s original.
And this one’s personalized. 🙂 Class shirt, senior year in highschool.
Back to the days when we were still thin. 🙂 Jrn2 Christmas party, freshies..
My idol.
Thin and in love. 2009.
17th birthday with girlfriends!
With Jigs and Ate Karen @ Cafe Marcello. Only closest friends know who they are.
Boys’ CR, Tagaytay Summit Ridge
Outing, Justine’s despedida
“See You Soon” parties with TG fam.

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  1. King Jon says:

    I love your approach to this, I will miss Multiply too. I never thought that I’d be needing to download all of my past all at once and now it has opened up my eyes to the years that I gave to Social Networking – wether good or bad…

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