PQ did it again

Beware: Diary-worthy entry

Finally, I was able to listen to the story behind my friend’s romantic adventures and of course I’m not going to detail that in this blog entry. Just a little bit of insight.

When we are in love, we invest in the relationship (emotionally, financially, and even physically) and we don’t limit ourselves. We just do what our hearts tell us to do, most of the time, without even thinking. When pain comes and reality hit us in the head, we sometimes regret the efforts we shed, and the emotions we invested but then again we still go on, holding on to what is left, trying to give it another shot. We are all stupid in love.

I had the usual “deep talk” with a friend last night, and realizations surged as we conversed. Funny how sometimes we feel alone, even though we are surrounded by a lot of people. So yeah, I found little bits of myself in some of his stories and I discovered more of his mushiness through a certain video he let me watch. It’s nice to know that there are guys who really look forward to an official relationship, hoping that it’d last. 🙂


Actually, when we met up in the mall, I saw him holding a magazine. He was eagerly leafing through pages for something. I was expecting a photo shoot of some sort, maybe of his girl or photo contributions to the magazine. To my surprise, he showed me a feature of himself.

Now, look who’s “must-meet” in Meg Magazine’s October ish (Georgina Wilson cover). Proud friend.

Took this photo so that I could show this off to our friend, Ardi, who was not available that night~

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think. :)

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