Instagram and Frivolities

If you don’t want to witness your friends’ frivolities, don’t install Instagram.

Dear non-Instagram user,

You are annoyed because your Twitter follower or your Facebook friend keeps on sharing photos via Instagram. Those photos flood your timeline, or feed. You are intimidated because all you see are vanity photos, from different angles, with different outfits, but on a similar location. You are irritated because your follower/friend posts photos that you already saw on Tumblr, or photos that you don’t fuckin’ care about (like that two pieces of pancakes from Mcdonalds that she’s eating, or her pooping doggy, or the paper bags from her latest shopping spree).

You are affected even though you did not install that free app! Let me give you a piece of advice. Don’t dare. Don’t even dare installing it, and using it, and linking it to your social networking accounts especially if you already trash talked the app and your Instagrammer friends.

I read a tweet from a non-Instagram user like you, saying that she doesn’t care about what her friend or acquaintance (some particular Instagram user) is up to. She is annoyed because that particular Instagram user posts photos of food before and after eating them, even if it’s just a piece of banana. Instagram is filled with day-to-day frivolities. If you want to spare yourself from those, don’t enter the Instagrammers’ world.

Dear Instagram user,

I am just like you and my life is filled with frivolities. I totally understand why you have to post that cup of instant noodles that you are about to eat; the car you want to have in the future; the sneakers and high heels that you just bought from an A-list boutique; the e-book or hard bound book that you are reading; those group photos with your friends hours, weeks, months, or even years ago; your many vanity photos after you finished applying make-up, or dressing up, or even waking up. I understand. Believe me. I did post photos of some food I eat, of things I want to purchase, of quotes from the books I am reading, of photos with friends during our happy times.

But boy, did you ever realize how frivolous we became? We are helpless. Because that’s what Instagram was made for – easy sharing of filtered photos. I love Instagram just like you, don’t get me wrong. It’s such a relaxing thing to do… looking at photos posted by the people we follow, clicking the heart to like them, and occasionally commenting on them with, “pretty!”, “I want that too. Where’d you get that?”, “Where’s that?”… and so on.

I have a suggestion, though. You hate that girl who keeps on posting vanity photos, A-list items, snap shots of food? Unfollow her. Better yet, delete the App.

Instagram is becoming more and more virtually populated. It’s like the microblogging site Twitter, except that instead of tweeting short anecdotal realizations or random whereabouts, people post photos of whatever is going on with their lives.

I am an Instagram user, and I did install other Insta-apps for editing (because I don’t know how to Photoshop. It’s more the instant editing thingy, with not much effort). I enjoy the hype in that little app. I am always curious with what my friends are up to (which explains my addiction to Twitter as well). So yeah, I witness people’s frivolities there, and I have a bountiful share of mine too. I like Instagram. If you don’t care about my photo-perkiness, easy… unfollow.

I sometimes hate Instagram, though. I follow people who keeps on bragging what they have, and sometimes bragging something they don’t have. For instance: This user posted a photo of a magnanimous closet and an abundant shoe rack, claiming in the caption that she loves “her” stuff. It’s perfectly fine, it’s “Wow-able”. The sad thing, however, is that I saw those same photos in the Internet, in Tumblr, even in Google Images. Talk about bragging about something you don’t own.

While there are many interesting user what/whereabouts, beautiful sceneries, yummy delicacy, and scrumptious meals that I so love to like and comment and stare and dream about, there are some non-sense photos that I don’t understand why users have to post (like a glass of water). Note to self? Quit Instagram, Unfollow the User, or simply Deal With It.

Accept it and stop annoying yourself. Instagram is full of petty stuff. If you think you’re too profound for it… you know what to do.


If you want to know more of my frivolities, do follow me on Insta @ clairefeliciano. Thank you! 🙂


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think. :)

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