Midnight Madness

I spend midnights either at our rented room, or my friends’, or somewhere out there.

It’s the spontaneity, they say. Well, since I’m unemployed (but actively seeking for a job), besides sending tons of applications to companies and prospect employers, I always hang out with friends (else, I’ll die of boredom). My next door buddies are becoming my favorite stress and worry relievers these days, mainly because they are just a few steps away from my rented room and because they are just so fun to be with.

Last Tuesday, I spent the “way past the curfew” hours with a friend while embracing the cold weather, and savoring the sweetness of hot beverages in a nearby coffee shop. Just when I thought I’d be home before midnight, two of my next door buddies told me that we’re going out. So after the coffee night, I walked along the dark but populated streets and met with them. There were only five of us, and they live in the apartelle next to ours (so that explains the “next door buddies” tag). After spending a couple of minutes there, we just walked and walked and ended up in a fast food and there we welcomed the midnight. I don’t know why, but that’s just how we bond – talking and laughing. We also shared some ghost stories, for a change. We went home an hour or two past midnight.

The next day was quite planned except that it didn’t go as planned. We were about to watch a movie in Trinoma, but because of the thick crowd (because Koreans were on-stage), we were sandwiched in the middle of the cheering and screaming boys and girls. It’s one hell of an experience, really. It felt like a stampede. So we went to the nearby mall instead and ended up book hunting while waiting for the screening schedule. So yeah, we watched The Reunion and it’s so cute. It reminded me of high school life, and of course, Eraserheads. I love the names, all so familiar… Ligaya, Toyang, Aling Nena… :p The plot wasn’t really impressive, but nonetheless, cute plus Xian Lim was just so gorgeous even when he transformed into The Hulk. Plus points too, for having Enrique Gil (handsome!) and all those extra characters.

After the movie we met up with the others, and dined in at Smileys. I think they’re known for waffles and desserts. They had chickens and yummy desserts and we don’t have much of a choice since the mall was closing already. But the chicken-filled dinner was fun (of course, thanks a lot to the funniest guy and girl on earth, our Mr. and Ms. Congeniality, Sam and Princess). The girls next to our table also added some real entertainment… because of a lame accident. :p The way back dorm was superb, endless laughs inside the small, packed van, and just the same everywhere we go, we never stopped laughing.

Here are some photos of that fun-filled night. It was, by the way, Princess’ post-birthday dinner treat.

Movie with Cess, Kuya Mike…
…and Mariz 🙂
The funniest of them all, Sam with Kuya Mike @ Smileys
Mariz and Moi. :p
Sisters Princess and Queenie
Whole Cast: Issa, Cess, Queenie, Daddy-Oh!, Sam, Kuya Mike, Mariz and Moi. 🙂

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think. :)

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