Happy August 16th. Here comes my mandatory blog entry.

You’re really one helluva friend if you know how much August 16 meant to me.

I’ve had enough August 16th posts that talk about my happiness and thankfulness, and I found it hard to come up with something different. The last book I read was about an adopted daughter and her birth mother’s relationship. And I was thinking of using the “mother” factor in this post.

Oh, by the way… Happy Ex-mas, J!

I loved my mother and J’s relationship. Ma was really hands-on… Hahaha! When I was in high school, Ma was J and mine’s Religion teacher, and she’s kind of aware of everything that’s going on… since there were no real secrets in the campus, and teenage relationship was a big no-no! So, Ma was pretty much the hands-on type in the sense that she kept on having heart-to-heart talks with J.

My favorite moment… One afternoon after our classes, Ma called J’s attention and told him to come and talk to her. During that time, J was still “courting” me… and for some reasons, Ma became a little too nosy. So everyone in the campus saw my mother and my suitor talking seriously under the big narra tree, and because I was so frickin’ afraid of what’s going to happen then, I left the campus without J… and after that, I didn’t even mind asking what the talk was all about. Anyway, J and Ma kind of kept up with the routine… occasionally talking about me and my issues. It even went on after J and I started an official relationship, and I loved that part. They created a certain rapport, and they maintained such an open communication. J even had to ask for Ma’s permission before we were allowed to go out on dates… along with Ma’s endless reminders: no soft drinks, no dark places, don’t stay out too late, be responsible blah blah blah. Hahaha. It’s so cute. J had casual connections with my father, brothers, and younger sister, and he pretty much made a good and trustworthy image. My youngest sister (his darling dearest!), and my grandma’s housekeeper love him so much… and they still do.

So yeah, I guess J and Ma’s relationship was so cool, and I admired J because he had the guts to always talk to my mother (and he never shared what they were talking about… as in never). Actually, I really liked his relationship with the rest of my family… decent guy… that kind that your parents would like you to end up with.

Ma hated him a little after we broke up, and she never wanted us to get back together to be honest but they’re good. They even manage to pretend like nothing happened whenever J goes to our house. Cutie patootie.

So… Here comes the gratitude-filled part.

Thanks, J. I appreciate that, really. And well, I know we’re so good right now that we can already talk about the “deep” stuff and dismiss the awkwardness. I know last Sunday was kind of different. It’s shameful, and uncomfortable. But we’ll manage. See you the next time we resume working on your thesis. And please don’t get tired of listening my rants and realizations… and for heaven’s sake, please turn on your Globe contact because I just find it too hard to communicate when we are using different networks. 😉

The second ring. Gift for my 18th birthday.
Lock screen in the morning: With Girlies Alexandra and Carissa in our AB Uniform. 🙂
Lock screen at night: Dinner with my Next Door Buddies yesterday. 😉

Happy Ex-mas. Thanks for everything! 🙂


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