That “Brotherhood” System

Who am I to condemn that so-called brotherhood system?

Earlier this year, one of the many other deaths caused by a fraternity hazing surfaced the news. The victim was a freshman Law student. Freshman, would you believe? Somebody who wanted to study “justice”, someone who was denied of “justice”. The news regarding the violent death and the investigations that followed continue to dominate media platforms. I was following the incident in an AM radio station and the Internet. I thought, it was an eye-opener, considering the heart-wrenching effect it had on the victim’s family and of course, those brave souls that went to Justice Secretary Leila de Lima to help in the probe.

It didn’t even take a year before another victim of this violent brotherhood died, and I just felt so sad and sorry and angry. I am not even a close friend, or a family.

I read the news through Facebook last night as news outlets were then yet to confirm the incident. I saw a friend posting a photo in red background and large black font: “JUSTICE FOR ANDREI MARCOS”. While I don’t know the guy, personally, I was curious because more friends shared the photo and used it as profile pictures. One guy linked Drei Marcos’ Facebook account, and when I opened it, I realized that I know him by face. I encountered him several times. He was a fellow Artlet, a fellow Thomasian. He graduated, along with other hopeful Artlets like myself, last March 2012.

I started reading posts in Facebook, because that’s the only source of information that time. I read messages from fellow Artlets. People were praying for him, crying for justice, condemning the hazing and the fraternity. You’ll know by reading the posts that Drei was missing for some days, and people were worried.

A post from LSGhotline SBC confirmed the death of Andrei. Anyway, here are some news stories about it:

So yeah. It was so sad, so heartbreaking, an aspiring lawyer dies just like that. He could be someone big; He could have made the lives of many people better; He could have done something good for our country. A lot of good things were taken away because of this incident. It is so unfair.

Again, who am I to condemn fraternities? I don’t know what really is up with them. I don’t even understand why they have brutal initiation rights. I don’t get it. The brotherhood is so flawed. You killed someone, you call that brotherhood? You hurt someone, and you welcome him to the group, you call that brotherhood?

I read some tweets last night, saying that hazing is normal. Everyone who wants to be part of a fraternity undergoes some kind of initiation. Dahil tradisyon na, okay lang? Tama lang. Nakasanayan na e. Ganyan talaga. Wala na tayong magagawa. So ano? Normal na lang manakit ng iba? Normal na lang makapatay? Normal na lang na may isang pamilya, at mga kaibigang nasasaktan at nagdudusa, naghahanap ng hustisya at hanggang doon na lang yun? And so what if it started way back when we were not yet born? It doesn’t mean that we have to live with this shit all through our lives.

Justice for Andrei Marcos!


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  1. Mac Marcos says:

    It is so disgusting to hear that some people considers violence as ‘tradisyon na’ and ‘normal na ang hazing’. The vicious cycle is that fratmen inflict violence to the neophytes with the expectation that the same neophyte will later on inflict violence to the new set of neophytes.
    Violence has no place in our civilized society. And these people, future lawyers they will be, embraces violence as part of their brotherhood. It is so eerie that lawyers nurture such culture of violence. Senator Enrile echoed the sentiment that ‘these fratmen should not be allowed to become lawyers’.

    1. I agree, Sir. I really hope that those fratmen will reconsider their “traditions” and the essence of their so-called brotherhood. The set-up is getting worse.

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