Payback Time!

It was dear professor’s birthday last week, and last Thursday was the payback day because two of our generous working friends decided to take charge of the food expenses. It’s a tiring but fun day, and I know, by heart, that our dear professor enjoyed that “little surprise”.


While waiting for the birthday boy! 🙂
The birthday cake: “Happy Birthday Sir Jere! ❤ We love you forever!"
With my best friend, Gel! 🙂
Cam, Mariz, and Lyka! 🙂
Favorite Couple: Bebe J and Bebe Girl. 🙂


Dearest beloved. 🙂
Sir eats his birthday sundae. 🙂 Kahit bawal sakanya. Haha!
Then an unexpected guest arrived, flaunting the flipflops brand that he’s endorsing.
And there comes a picture of the birthday booooy with Issa, Cam, Mariz, and Lyka. 🙂
To complete the cast: John, Ardi, Moi, Paul, and Gel 🙂
Item: Paul and Gel. Haha! 🙂

So, it was a night filled with gratitude, laughter, and cheers. And it was a night dedicated to that one guy who never stops believing in us, pushing us to always do our best. Sir, you are loved. You are one of the best people that we met. Totoo yan. ‘Wag ka na magkunyari na di mo alam. Love na love na love ka namin. Wag ka sana magsawa pangaralan kami at tulungan kami. 🙂


Coffee night.

Before the night ended, I had some good chit chat with my friend over warm delights. And all my realizations after that “talk” deserve another post. Maybe soon. But I couldn’t promise.


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think. :)

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