Spontaneity, My Cup of Tea

It’s been a while.

I haven’t posted anything lately because I couldn’t find something nice to write about. I was tempted several times to blog about rants, depression, and more pessimistic thoughts but I decided against it. So, I just had a great day with friends recently, and even though it’s more “diary-worthy” than “blog-worthy”, I’d jot this down.

Spontaneity is becoming my cup of tea lately. Maybe because I’m totally not in control of anything right now. And I’m actually enjoying it. 🙂

While I always have happy nights with my friend Cess and her dorm mates, plus two other girl friends, our latest spontaneous day-until-night out was really fun!

At around lunch time, I went to Novo Ecijano to meet Cess, Janelle, and Issa. While the original plan was to fetch them and go to Mariz’s place for lunch, we decided to stay a while and as usual, have some fun by making noises. Kuya Mike was there, so we were really hyped. After an hour, we took that jeep ride to the destination, but since we were all unfamiliar with the place, we got lost. We alighted on the wrong street, so we still had to walk for a couple of minutes under the scorching heat of the sun and beside the huge vehicles passing along our way. And finally, we saw the glimmering Mariz on the other side of the street which means we’re near. We went to her place, chatted a lot with Pantene and with each other, and then our chef for the day, Issa, decided to make soup for us. The yummy sopas and avocado filled our stomachs.

It was also Ateneo and UST’s game. Since Ateneo was ahead of UST until the halftime, we almost lost hope. But that Aljon Mariano impressed us with his footwork, and shooting skills. So we cheered like we’re actually there even though we’re just watching the game on the television. One of Mariz’s neigbors asked why we were so noisy but we just couldn’t contain the thrill and the happiness when UST triumphed against Ateneo, with only one point though. But still! It’s been a while peeps, it’s been a long while!

After more hours spent on talks, gossips, and plans for the coming days, we decided to have dinner with Cess’ dorm mates again. We went back to Novo, and rested for a while. It was raining so hard but we didn’t mind. Together with Sam and Kuya Mike, we went to Sam’s favorite carinderia, “Aling Gloria’s”. Actually, we were just hoping to see Reggie, but we ended up eating there anyway. We were the the noisiest because we were just “oh-so-happy”.

We went back to Novo afterwards for the supposed drinking session at the 6th floor, but then, somebody insisted that we have to be spontaneous. We were not dressed up for a party night, so with the very little amount of money inside our pockets, and our usual get-ups, we went to stroll around Luneta. The cold weather was felt deeply especially by single persons, like myself, because a lot of couples we’re dating. Dating, imagine. I never thought that Luneta Park and Manila Bay are still dating spots considering this epoch where malls, theme parks, restaurants, and bars spring from all around.

So yeah, we just walked and talked and laughed non-stop; crossed the streets and watched the lights. After almost an hour, I think, we decided to go back to Novo for the session… but, Sam had a better idea. He knew this place near La Salle Taft where we could hold the session, and pour our hearts’ contents! Of course, we thought twice. Money matters. I, myself, was carrying only P120. Fare + Drinks + Videoke + Food, I didn’t think that’d be enough. But anyway, because of Sam’s superb convincing skills and the spontaneity that ran through my mind that night, off we went to Taft.

Non-stop singing, drinking, and eating filled with jokes, and meaningful conversations. I couldn’t deny it, I had fun. Even though I met the three of those guys only a few days before the day-until-night out, I felt comfortable. And as for realizations, well, let’s just say that I was hit when Sam sang the first song, “Lead Me Lord”, and the last song, “Home”. In between the laughs, the taunts and teases, the pizza and beer, the cheers and jeers, I felt surreal. It’s been a while. I left my worries sleeping on my bed.

We finished the 30 tokens (300 bucks! Would you believe?) and the bucket of beer a little after midnight. The bill went over 600 bucks, but I didn’t pay a cent. Actually, most of us didn’t because one of the guys was pursued, and PROVOKED. Hahaha. He paid the bill, and we left with contented hearts. 🙂

On the way back to Novo (for the part two of the session), we were stranded on the middle of the road. Flat tire, and we waited for minutes – but the minutes were priceless still, because we never stopped talking. I wonder how we managed, because all we did was talk and laugh all night, and although we were feeling a little sleepy, we didn’t stop entertaining ourselves.

Upon reaching the final destination, we decided to roam around the streets of Sampaloc to look for a convenience store, but we ended up purchasing, not a bottle of alcohol, but a gallon of ice cream. Everything was unplanned, you see? We bought spoons from the nearest bakery and sat down there to fill our stomachs with an icy cold delight while… yes, right… talking, and laughing.

After that, finally, we went back to Novo. Just had our minor fixes and then we went to the 6th floor. Talked, laughed, shared sentiments and even watched a movie. It was so fun, and tiring. But really, I enjoyed the whole ordeal. I’d been awake for 24 hours, but I only felt weary several minutes after I reached my room, and that was around 5:30 in the morning.

Enjoyed a lot, and spent a little. Spontaneity really is becoming my cup of tea, and these people are becoming my favorite stress relievers! Intense. Next day-until-night out will be next week, or next next week, or tomorrow? Because we’re spontaneous. We just go out without much plans! 🙂


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think. :)

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