Giving Your Best Struggle

I noticed that I am more optimistic now, and I’d like to believe that it is a good thing. We don’t win every single time, we don’t get to please every single being, but by giving our best and learning from our failures, we totally redeem ourself from disappointments.

My previous week was stressful. I was juggling several things at the same time, and I almost felt like I couldn’t finish them in time for the deadline. I was working on an upcoming shoot; looking for a free venue, talking to a model, booking make-up artists, hair stylists, and fashion stylists, preparing pullout forms… the list is endless! Besides the preparation for the shoot, our team is still working for our big event next week and there are still tons of last-minute things-to-do. To cut the long story short, I was talking non-stop with people over the phone for the past few days, emailing people, doing errands, checking layouts, copyediting, writing copies…. and…. others. So, I couldn’t be more busy. But the good thing is, I feel productive. I mean, who hates being productive? It’s a nice feeling that at the end of the day, you feel fulfilled, and even though you didn’t finish all the tasks, you at least accomplished most of them with finesse. Haha. So much for my pride. I think that the only positive things that I can get from all the stress, and pressure of the previous week are the learnings and this sense of fulfillment.

Everyday, we experience some kind of negativity that tries to permeate in our lives, and it’s totally up to us how to handle them. Most of the time, these “bad vibes” get into our nerves and destroy our good mood, making us feeling shitty all day. But that should not stop us from always giving our best struggle. At times, we feel like giving up because we are too used up, too tired. But you’ll be surprised that whenever you give your best struggle, at least some little things come in return, well not for people who have the worldly definitions of happiness, and satisfaction.

I was intimidated with the delayed delivery of my diploma and transcript of records because most of my block mates, if not all, already received theirs. Because of the fear that my package got lost, I contacted my school and asked about it. The person on the other line told me that they no longer have the package with them, and advised me to contact the delivery service. So I contacted the delivery service, and asked again. They told me they’ll check it, and they got back to me the following day, telling me that they don’t have my package in the main branch. They advised me to contact their branch nearest to my hometown. So I did. The Cavite branch of the delivery service told me that they still don’t have my package, so I waited for a week again, hoping that my records will arrive soon. But it didn’t come, so I decided to call all their branches and pick-up points here in Cavite this morning… and finally, the Bacoor branch confirmed that they have my package. However, they told me that they don’t do deliveries in my hometown, as if it’s a good excuse for just letting my records rot in their office. (Okay, sorry. I am exaggerating. They won’t rot.) So instead of picking-up my diploma there (around an hour drive, or one and a half to two hours by public transportation), I requested the delivery my package to the nearest pick-up point, and they agreed to drop it off at the nearest mall (which is a 20 to 30-minute drive). I felt sad, because I did not experience what other Thomasian graduates experienced: Diploma and TOR by the mailbox. But the good thing? At least I now know that my records did not get lost along the way, and I’ll have them soon… in a few days. And even though I needed those records some months ago, at least I’ll have it some time soon. I’m trying to wipe away all the negativity… so please, bear with me.

We get intimidated, and irritated with the littlest annoying things that we sometimes forget those small sparks of hope, and positivity that comes with it. I believe that there are always two parts of the story, and you just have to read it whole to notice that short passage that gives you the optimism. It’s always easier to judge, get mad, and act without thinking, but we really have to look at the brighter side of things. It may be very little, almost invisible, but it’s there. Spare yourself from the long face and the bad mood. It’s normal to feel bad, but it’s not normal to always feel bad. Hah.:)


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think. :)

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