Are You Dreaming Enough?

The author of the Chocolate series has some tips for dreamers like me. If you are a dreamer, read on. You’ll find this helpful. Even though the title says that it’s for a teen’s dreams, it applies to anybody. Because there’s no age in dreaming.

Read. Reflect. Realize.

Tips for Teen Dreams
By: Kay Allenbaugh

1. Focus on your dream. Plot a course that will help you reach it and then begin to take small steps down the path.

2. Identify and develop your talents. It takes a lot of courage, but if you do, opportunities will come your way!

3. If you are feeling troubled or uncertain, find a quiet place that nurtures your peace of mind.

4. Read inspirational stories. They remind you of what is possible in your life.

5. Act wisely! When your actions match your values you are paving the way toward your goal.

6. When a dream comes true, celebrate!

7. Laugh yourself silly at least once every day.

8. Expect miracles! God has plan for each of us, and that includes you!

9. When you have doubts, ask someone you trust to believe for you.

10. Discover what brings you joy because happiness comes from the inside.

11. Eat a little chocolate! It will release endorphins and lift your spirits.

12. Do not judge others. If you are judgmental, it says more about you than about anyone you have judged.

13. Good choices lead to bigger dreams.

14. Replace each negative thought you have about yourself with two that are positive. If you can change your thinking, you can change your life!

15. Take care of yourself as if you were your best friend (because you are).

16. Thank your parents for something on a regular basis.

17. If you get stuck, seek the advice of a wise woman.

18. Look back at the first goal you accomplished and realize how far you gave come.

19. Remember to say your prayers.

And I want to add another tip to make it twenty…

20. Get yourself a dream catcher! You can buy it at local souvenir shops or you can make your own. There are lots of how-to’s online! Dream catcher might not totally catch your dreams, but it gives you that hope that you’ll eventually get what you’re wishing for.

When I first got a dream catcher (a pasalubong from Bora), my optimism overflowed. When I lost it, I decided to make one (I saw the procedure in a magazine way back in high school). It gave me something to look forward to… and I’m planning to get another dream catcher for myself. šŸ™‚

If you are really into inspirational stories, purchase a good book from a local bookstore. I’ve got tons of inspirational books I keep since high school. I personally suggest the Chocolate Series, and Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Those books are appropriate for all ages. For a college graduate like me, some stories are way too shallow, but I still try to lift the important lessons there. And whenever I feel uninspired, I just read one story and my recent favorite is the Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul. There are other books that contain compilation of inspirational stories. There are tons. If you’ll just try to look.

Grab a copy of Bo Sanchez’s books and magazines, too. His books never fail to touch my heart and give me inspiration. Sometimes, books that don’t contain too complicated plots and present predictable endings are what exactly what we need to lift up our spirits! šŸ™‚


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think. :)

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