So Yesterday Night… ♥

Meaningful talks are so priceless. I stayed way past my usual bedtime yesterday because of some conversations. I realized that for the past few days, I end my day by talking to someone close to me and it’s nice, really.

Yesterday, I was talking with my office mate Geca. She used to worked for a radio station and she gave me a glimpse of how it is to work there. It looks action-packed and challenging, and I felt like I wanted to try that, too. So much for my aspirations. Anyway, I also shared my graduate school dilemmas and dreams of becoming a journalist someday. It’s nice to know that someone understands that certain desire you have, and I’m glad we’re just one seat apart in the office.

I also had a deep conversation with Javin, my erstwhile. It was different, because I’ve never talked to him with such depth. While we are really open with our dreams, families, and other whereabouts, we never tried touching topics that could possibly go very personal. For a change, last night was it. We talked about the usual – my journ dreams, his archi dreams; challenges in my first job, challenges in his last year in college; jobs; future plans and other stuff. But the conversation was not really usual in the sense that dream talk did not stop by sharing the dream. It went as far as “what can I do to reach that dream?”, “what is my next move if things don’t work out?”, and things like that. We exchanged encouraging words, and pieces of advice. It’s just so different. We also talked about my family- how my parents and siblings were doing and other things. We don’t usually talk about his family because their whereabouts reach me, even though I have no intention of knowing them. And of course, the topic we never ever tried to discuss: relationships. For some weird reasons, both of us are kind of sneaky and curious, but we never directly ask each other about the real score when it comes to new relationships. While last night’s talk didn’t go as far as the tiniest bits of details, we openly talked about why things didn’t work out, why we are both not involved with anyone right now, duration of relationships, and feelings. HAHA. Yes, the feelings involved. And of course, we shared some friendly advice. So not us! And yes, we talked about future plans concerning family life, and what we want to do while we are still in the 20s. Oh and yes, we also talked about happiness. I wish I could elaborate this one, but the conversation was so deep and I realized that the best things in us did not change at all. The whole conversation was funny and serious at the same time, and I had tons of insights. The talk was unexpected so probably, that’s the reason why I truly felt blissful and inspired the next day.

And of course, last but not the least, Gel. I am always talking to Gel. When I got my job, the first thing that came to my mind was to tell her, but I decided against it because of the fear that she’ll feel frustrated again. But anyway, because of her nosy tactics and my blatant tweets, she found it out later. And after that, I’m glad she didn’t feel bad (at least to my knowledge), and the best part was that whenever I have problems, rants and concerns, she still gives me a handful of advice. I mean, even though we are no longer under the same circumstances, the communication, caring and support never ceased. So last night, we were talking again, as always. And of course, we talked about the situation I am under and the rants and my recent discoveries. Also, we talked about being serious in our 20s, looking forward to where we really are going to end up. Good laughs. She also shared something about our friends, in a funny way, like she’s a showbiz reporter – except that she only delivered breaking news stories. It’s nice to know that you still have someone to talk to, about your common friends, and laugh about it. We are both looking forward to the much-anticipated barkada day since we haven’t seen each other since, I don’t know, almost a month. These are the moments that I kept on thanking social networking sites for existing. Without them, I just don’t know how to stay away from insanity. Gel is one of the very few people who can always make me feel better, despite pressure, stress, and anxiety.

After the three meaningful talks last night, I just felt good. It made me feel that some people cares to know what I want, and what I feel. I missed moments like those – funny and full of lessons.

Hi Gel, Javin and Geca. Thank you! 🙂 ❤


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  1. iEMKEI says:

    Aww Claire, I miss you. 😦 Haha. You have so many chikkas for me. 😀

    1. Oo nga. 😦 Super dalang na natin makapag-usap. BV working hours kase.

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