Last week was not a so-so week for me. It was a very tiring and challenging one. While I did well during the first four days of the week, my last day was such a mess. I wouldn’t dive into details, but let’s just say I had a foretaste of what my work mates kept complaining about. I felt nervous, down and troubled. But I remembered this photo, saw this on Facebook. And it’s a really good motivation. To those who are currently under this phase of semi-depression (if there’s such thing), read this. It helped me a lot.

Credits to whoever made this photo. You are very helpful.

I can’t wait to see my best friend, Gel, and very good friends, Essen and Emkei again. They are the ones to whom I share my then unemployment and now first job dilemmas. I just need them. They are like my support system and I feel like spilling all these things that are bothering me. I also want to see my block mates, job-hunting buddies, girlfriends, and “Bakla si Franz” friends. It feels so different, and uninspiring without them.

Things are complicated. Life is not easy. But I keep in mind that I am a fighter, I am a committed and competent Thomasian… I will not give up. And someday, I will be able to cover events, interview people, transcribe interviews, write articles, and revise articles…. again. Someday soon.


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think. :)

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