Thesis and Friendships v.2

I just couldn’t believe that we not only did it, but we finished it with flying colors!

Last Saturday, we had our thesis defense – the defense we were all so afraid of. We had very little preparations except for our one last overnight as thesismates-slash-bedfriends the Tuesday-Wednesday before. We did not have a mock defense, although we planned to do so.

I was the happiest. First because even though we were only allowed to present the thesis for 20 minutes, we did it for almost 45 minutes and the panelists were fine with that. The questioning should originally last for 40 minutes, but the panelists asked us around five questions only that lasted for about 10 minutes. And it meant… it meant… there were very little flaws in our thesis!! Thank God. The glory is His!

The best part of the defense were the compliments. One of our panelists told us that among the theses she read, ours was best written. Yes, she actually used the superlative “pinaka“. Also, we realized that there were very few red marks. If I may count, there were about three comments there. The other panelist even mentioned about getting the thesis published! I was blushing and smiling big, really! Also, he told us that when news site administrators get to read the thesis, they’ll be alarmed. Which of course was one of the significance and expected outcomes of our study. It was really blissful, considering that one of the panelists was very hard to please and he gave us an excellent mark. I really love him! Really!! Hahaha.

So in other words, we got very good grades and our thesis adviser already gave us our grade probably because of the positive feedback from our panelists. All we can do is hope that he also gave us a good grade! 🙂 I felt very blissful and inspired all day because of the defense. Who would have thought that our thesis defense would end up that good?


After the defense. Our group in our trying hard corporate looks!

Thesis @ Discussion Room! Essen's first time mag-photo booth!

To my thesismates-slash-bedfriends who made my thesis subject fun!
Even though we know that “thesis tests friendships” (a cliché for journalism seniors like us!), you did not let it overcome our close tie. As what I have already said, I never expected you to be my groupmates, except for Gel. And you guys were really good and smart. We were able to share our own ups and downs in thesis writing. We found it hard to think of a worthy topic, and of course, defend the topic that we have chosen. We ended up with something really unexpected and worked our way with it until the end.

Okay sa olrayt! ❤

I don’t know. I couldn’t explain how lucky I feel to have you in a team. We had our own share of shouting moments. There were times when we don’t seem to agree on what to do about a certain item in our thesis. But after everything, we didn’t really give up on each other and kicking out somebody never crossed our minds. We had a couple of overnight in random places, and a couple of food tripping, too! Together, we waited for hours to reserve the discussion room in the school library to discuss and eat, well eat mostly.

Franz's 19th birthday thesis! :))
Essen and Gel. My 19th birthday thesis!

Thank you guys! Thank you Gel, Essen and Franz. Our collective effort worked. Our overnights were all worth it! You are the best thesismates-slash-bedfriends! Thank you for being my food buddies, kakwentuhan (from chismis to issues), kasama sa takutan, tagahawa kapag may sakit, kajamming sa sigawan. I’ll surely miss the pressure, the stress, and the fun of being with you 24/4 at most… even though those moments felt like 24/7. Hindi kayo nakakasawa. Yung thesis lang ang nakakasawa! Konti na lang, happy graduation na. Thank you for being with me as I worked toward that diploma! Malapit na!!

Mismo @ Cavs. :)

They ain't thesis-ing. They are watching a movie!
Halloween!! HAHA!
Sembreaaaaaak :p

I love you. I am so blessed. Our friendship is really priceless!

They are the best thesismates one could ever have. Srsly! 🙂
Last thesis overnight @ Fairview with our fave merienda!
Random thesis day @ Room 107
With overnight buddies, KC and MK @ Antips!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. sheeatslikeaboy says:

    OMG, ang dami nating nakakadiring photos! My experience with you guys? Priceless. Love you to the nth power! ❤
    Galing mo talaga magpaiyak, Claire.

    PS. Pa-post sa Facebook! Ganda eh! Hehe

  2. Tickled says:

    Ano ba yan Gel. Wala ngang drama e. HANEST LANG. HAHAHA!

  3. Ardighurl says:

    Gel sila lang yung may nakakadiring pictures. Yung sa’yo normal na kadire.

    1. sheeatslikeaboy says:

      Salbahe ka talaga, “Ardighurl.”

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