I Remember So Well

Cheers to five years of abstinence and single hood. 🙂

I celebrated the day with my favorite high school people, as always. Had a fun and gossip-filled lunch with Sam, Veron and Arianne at Shakey’s Tagaytay. It was so damn cold there, and almost felt like heaven except that we’re freezing. There were occasional drizzles throughout the lunch, and we were embraced by a very foggy and windy surroundings. We literally screamed because of the intense coolness of the breeze. Not that its a bad thing. We actually enjoyed it.

When Alvin arrived, we drove to the mall to window shop and buy some stuff. Had fun, as always. It seemed like we had two chaperons following us in every girly boutique that we entered. And after the mall, we actually decided to stay at Sam’s place, since his ‘rents were out-of-town and we owned the night.

Just had some typical dinner together, munching and chatting, and laughing. Then started the drinking session, while watching Wedding Crashers and of course sharing stories that had gone through time. Its an amazing day spent as we celebrate my five years of abstinence, and our single hood! Cheers!


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think. :)

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