The Art of Plastic-ity

Twitter is one of the most abused social networking sites of people, especially the young and energetic ones, nowadays. It is medium for sentiments, harmless sharing, and conversations – long or short. I, myself, is guilty of tweeting too much. Unlike Facebook, the Twitter environment is more welcoming to short anecdotal thoughts, or just any random thoughts. If you flood your Facebook wall post with statuses, you look pathetic. Admit it. It’s like you’re saying a little too much to people who barely care about you. In twitter, though, you have nothing else to do but micro-blog your own way – no matter how numerous, or plain, or irrelevant your tweets may be. Photos, videos, and other multimedia features are seldom used. That’s why it feels free to tweet and tweet and tweet.

And what about plastic-ity. I just couldn’t help but laugh and feel sorry for these people on Twitter. They are too plastic to exist there, honestly. And I couldn’t tweet about it because… I feel responsible for my actions and I don’t think they’ll be open-minded to the reality that they are wasting their time talking and gossiping with people unreal to them.

Let me share with you several instances I observed with a “twitter friend”.

Meet Cee. She used to be my friend. She is a very talkative, friendly and bubbly girl. She really is fun to gossip with, because she has comments – lots of comments. One day, we were talking about a particular guy, and his girl.

Cee: Ate, di naman maganda yun! Ang itim itim naman e. Matangkad lang.

That is just one. There are so many days that she kept talking about this girl and her negative traits, and once, she even told me that she wanted to bump with the girl while walking round their campus. Ha! And then, tadaaaa! They were like the closest friends having very public conversations in twitter. Like they’ve been always real to each other. Cee even kept telling the girl she’s beautiful. HAHAHAHA.

That was not the only occasion. Cee had an “ex-friend”. Two summers ago, we were talking about her “ex-friend”. She kept on spilling the girl’s dirty little secrets, and even calls her a bitch. She never mentioned a positive thing about the girl. And like the first girl we were gossiping about, she even called this girl ugly.

One day, I saw them in twitter exchanging “plans, gossips, friendship” and mind you… lots of “i love you’s” and hugs and kisses. Pathetic. I wish the girl knows how much her FRIEND talked behind her back, and almost spilled out all her dirty secrets.

These two are not the only girls whom Cee trash-talked, or better yet, talked behind their backs. I could even enumerate some. And that’s why I stayed away from her.. after realizing she was doing the same to me. Must be her talent.

Anyhoo. Wonderful isn’t it? How twitter makes people closer like even though they haven’t met before, or haven’t talked personally, they just seem to jive in the social network. It’s amazing how two exactly opposite individuals end up exchanging the sweetest and fakest “how are you’s” and “I love you’s”. It’s unimaginable how many people follow individuals they want to stalk, or worse, they want to learn the negatives of you to so that they’ll be able to laugh them about.


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think. :)

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