A Senior’s Rants

Let me rant about the past few days.

Last Monday, classes were supposed to be suspended. But a memo was passed by the university administration announcing otherwise. Therefore, there were classes the day before the much awaited preliminary examinations, an occurrence that did not favor I and my block mates because Monday class end at 9 in the evening, and we had a schedule for two killer examinations.

I had faults, I’ll admit. The subjects were new to me, but I did not expect it to be that hard. I slept early on Monday night, around 11 in the evening. And decided to browse through my notes the following morning… which I did. In fact I browsed, read, and re-read several times – with little naps in between. That’s the way I make do with reviewing. I don’t usually analyze and indulge too much, as long as I listen to professors. And the habit worked for me, at least until last March.

Exams in Taxation was fine besides the fact that I was confused when to use “partially true” and “partially false”. And since my study habit, again, was made up of reading and re-reading, it did not work for several portions I was not able to focus my attention on. Which was, sadly, the biggest part of the examinations – the constitutional and inherent limitations of taxation. 😐

So, I was kind of consumed by the examinations and my mood was spoiled. Because of several errands, I was not able to grab a bite and ended up taking the next exam… hungry. The result, stomach ache and head ache. Not only head ache, body ache, heart ache, hand ache, mind ache. Body ache, because I was looking downward for more or less two hours; heart ache, because I was so disappointed with the previous exam that I answered the next half-hearted; hand ache because the broadcast journalism exam was long.. very looooong in fact; and mind ache because I felt all my knowledge went down the drain and nothing more was left for the next day’s exams.

–> Good thing? Well, yeah. I recovered a little because I had dinner with people I love (Cam, Ardi, Lyka and Mariz), some acquaintances (JC and John) and new people (Lyka’s dorm mates).

And since I arrived at the dorm a little late, I organized my stuff first and prepared reviewing necessities: hand outs, high lighter, index cards, Milo, Stick-O and Choco Pies.

UNFORTUNATELY. Again. Yes. Again.

Somebody has taken my place – the study table near the windows. So I ended up studying inside my room, and as expected, I fell asleep. I woke a little late the next day and I couldn’t even comprehend what I was reviewing. After wasting several hours, I decided to take a bath and look for another place to “study”, preferably a quite place. I went to Big Martha’s for my lunch, and I was actually enjoying the place since I was studying and eating at the same time, until several Commerce girls came inside to study, as well… and chit chat aloud. I was sandwiched between two group of noisy girls younger than I. I decided to leave and go to the school library instead.

Guess what, the librarians from both the Social Science, and Humanities section did not allow me to enter the premises because there are no more seats available. Much to my disappointment, I ended up scanning the notes I photocopied and waiting for an hour in our building’s lobby – over populate, noisy, not ever serene. No chance to study well then. Good luck to me.

And the examinations were surprising because in Ethics, we were tasked to make an instant thesis proposal with framework, methods, problems, and stuff. And another item which need great concentration, so better not spend all the energy for item number one. Which brought me to another unfortunate exams, since I was not able to study well, I barely answered the last exam.

Luck was on my side… last academic year.
And for my senior year, I have not yet experience an easy exam. Not one. 😐


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think. :)

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