My Own Jeje Days

Let us all pray for the eternal repose of Fr. Reddy Corpuz’s soul – my alma mater’s director. He succumbed to heart attack yesterday. Fr. Reddy was so energetic, and he was playing basketball with friends just before he died. It was so fast that just after a few hours of the heart attack, he passed away… a few minutes past midnight. Fr. Reddy has been a very good friend, mentor, and colleague to the people around him. He was like a typical guy who manages school, except that he was a priest. So anyway, one of my fondest memories with him was during my high school graduation. When I shook his hand and reached for my diploma, and he managed to say “Congratulations, Claire!”. I will never forget that day. And of course, he was a big part of my debut, too. Since he was a member of Royale Tagaytay Golf and Country Club where I celebrated my birthday. He took hold of several transactions, and let us use his benefits as a member. What a sweet guy! Fr. Reddy, you will be missed.


Going back. I will be talking about my Jeje Days. Yes, jeje days are high school days.

I was going nostalgic over old scrapbooks, and I couldn’t help but laugh. The captions of the photos, letters, candy wrappers, chocolate boxes, and flower petals were in “jeje” type. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not condemning anyone here. It’s just that I never realized how funny it looks in print. I uSeD tO WritE Lyk ThiS. WaHeHehE. AnD i EvEn aBusEd tHe LetTerS “H” aNd “X”, aNd thE WorD “pOh”.

So, instead of going sentimental all the way, I couldn’t help but laugh. Throwing away those stuff even crossed my mind. Haha. Those scrapbooks remind me of how sentimental I used to be, and how much I used to love writing letters (and receiving!). They also bring back memories of my immaturity, and sweetness; bitterness, and mushiness.

Gone are the lax days. The days when I could wake up at six, and make it to class by 7:30; the days when I could sleep all day and study for examinations by the last-minute; the days when pressure and cramming were not yet in my vocabulary; the moments when I feel inspiration all over me, and my passion for writing burning me alive. High school, oh, high school.

Things, really, changed a lot. But memories of secondary school never fail to make me laugh. I’ll post JEJE photos, soon! ❤


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think. :)

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